Belize It

Belize It

Traveling to new places is one of my favorite things to do, having the chance to go to a beautiful destination is such a privilege to be able to experience. Last February we traveled to Costa Rica, so naturally we decided to head back to Central America, only this time to explore Belize. I didn’t know many people who had gone to Belize so I really had to start searching on the internet to see what areas we were going to check out.

Belize is a great mix between mountains, forest and beaches. We flew into Belize City, rented a car and headed to San Ignacio to stay with some generous friends who ironically were also in Belize. San Ignacio is a cute small town right outside Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve; we enjoyed trying some new places to eat and walking around the town. We tried to go explore Xunantunich Maya Ruins but since there had been much rain fall the little road was washed out, But it is supposed to be an awesome place! So maybe next time!

mayan ruins belieze
After San Ignacio we headed into the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, we drove up a dirt road for about an hour before we arrived at the Hidden Valley Inn and Reserve, which to our surprise was in the middle of nowhere. There is much hiking to do all around the Mountain Reserve, Hidden Valley Inn in particular had some private hiking trails that are on their grounds for their guests to explore, which is fantastic because it keeps it very quiet on the trails. We were able to explore a couple of the falls while we were there, my favorite was Butterfly Falls. Its turquoise waters were amazing to take a dip in and cool down from the heat, and for once we had time to eat some snacks while relaxing!

Butterfly Falls Belize
There is so much to explore in the Mountain Reserve that we will definitely have to go back to discover some more places. The only difficult thing about exploring this area is the dirt roads can be a challenge after rain, and we had more rain than expected. On our drive out towards the beach we stopped at Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and found out that that area is how you access one of Belize’s highest peaks and backpacking trails, although Victoria Peak is 3-4 days long so another one to save for our next trip. But also in there is some shorter day hikes, we ended up hiking Tiger Fern trail which takes you to views overlooking the larger peaks in Belize, you also pass along a waterfall in the lush green atmosphere.

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary Belize
Last but not least we ended our vacation In Placencia, which is a great beach town down towards the end of the peninsula. There are amazing restaurants and lots of amazing beaches to spend some time in the sun! One of our favorite restaurants was Rumfish y vino, we went back twice! We enjoyed the freshness of all the foods in Belize and the fact that most of it is locally grown. On our last day in Belize we took a tour out to Ranguana Tropical Island, I am not generally one for tours or for just sitting on the beach but it was a small group and we were able to snorkel in crystal clear waters. They also cook you an awesome Belizean Lunch while you enjoy the views on a private island, I am telling ya this island is so tiny you can barely see it on a map! I would say next time we would stay a bit longer in Belize if we van, there are still many caves, waterfalls and hike we have yet to do! Thanks for taking your time out to read about my experience in Belize!

Placencia Belize
Ranguana Tropical Island Belize

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