Escape to Havasupai

Escape to Havasupai

Many of you know if you actually get through to talk to someone and get a permit you are a lucky one. Many people spend days and hours trying to get through to someone just to visit this place. I honestly don’t know if it’s luck or time of day all I know is that I have been lucky enough to go three times. If you have ever been here you know it’s like a paradise and an escape from the real world. Luckily there is no cell service in the campgrounds and you can truly unplug from the world for a few days.
The first time I went to Havasupai I Had no idea what to expect or even what to bring. Each time I went I learned to only pack the necessities because after backpacking for 10 miles you will be thankful you packed light. It’s still no easy trek but you can at least help prepare yourself a little bit. So if you have any questions hopefully I can help answer them for you!

backpacking HavasupaiWater

I usually pack about 2-3 liters in a camelback for my hike in. When you arrive in havasupai village there are two small stores that you can purchase more water at, but even better there is a fresh water spring in the camp site. You can drink right from there! But just in case as backup, since the spring has had times of contamination before, always bring a water filter. This makes it much easier to cook food and have clean water so you aren’t walking back and forth from the spring many times a day.


Dry Meals! Not gonna lie I love some of the dry meals, I had chicken risotto (by backpackers pantry) this last trip and oh ma gosh it was good. Depending on how many days you are down there it’s good to have breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Along with dry meals pack some yummy snacks, I love beef jerky, nuts, apples (even though they are heavy), nut butters, protein bars, or energy chews. It’s always good to pack a little more food than you think you’ll cause trust me after backpacking 10 miles you will be very hungry!
Note: Always hang your food in the campsite, there are some hungry little creatures down there who will chew through anything to try and get it!


Make sure you have comfortable hiking shoes/boots that you have worn before, break shoes in on a new trail is no walk in the park! I love my keen summer hiking shoes they are super light and breathable. I always pack a pair of water shoes, when you hike to the last waterfall it’s about 3.5 miles each way and a lot of it is through water. Chacos are a great choice, unkeeks by keen are good, tevas, etc. Don’t forget to bring along moleskin, you will most likely start to have some blisters and this helps cover them up well.


Life made easy the day I bought a jet boil, it’s a backpacker’s best friend. It is lightweight and heats water very quickly. It makes cooking dry meals extra easy. You want to make sure you have a lightweight sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and either a hammock or a tent. Many people sleep in hammocks in the campground; I am more of a tent sleeper so I like to pack that down. The therma-rest is a great light weight sleeping pad and its folds away super small. Sleeping bags are a personal preference, just make sure the temperature of the bag is what you want and that its light weight. Packing a small day pack is also helpful for the days you do some shorter hiking, then you don’t have to take your entire pack.


Depending on the time of year you can usually gauge what is best to pack, I always make sure to have a few options. Bringing a rain coat is important just in case, along with warm clothes if it is hot during the day. This last time it was the perfect temperatures but I always try and make sure I pack for any type of weather. Remember to not over pack too many clothes because weight can add up after you get everything in your pack.
Happy Trails!


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