Keeping Active While Pregnant

Keeping Active While Pregnant

Any of you that have been through pregnancy know how much transformation happens to your body. And you know it’s hard to continue doing all the things you once did before, your energy levels are lower, all you want to do is sleep, you could be more nauseous, hungry all the time and hormones running wild. I have had to keep reminding myself that activity will keep me feeling better throughout pregnancy even on those days I’d rather just lay there.

My key to hiking while pregnant have been comfortable clothes, lots of snacks and water, stretching and staying on trails within my energy levels. If at any point I feel it’s too much I have no shame in turning around, being safe on the trails while pregnant is also important. Pacing myself up vertical parts also helps me not be too exhausted along the way, it’s important to push yourself but also know when too much is too much. There is no doubt most days laying on the couch feels better than pushing to go up a trail or hit the gym, but every time I do I know it was the right choice, and it always re-energizes me.

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I am still trying to find the right balance as far as being “healthy” while pregnant, but I feel like the best answer is to try your best. Eat your fruits and veggies, find a well-balanced diet, don’t say no to cravings but also don’t overdo it. Sleep and relax when you can but also stay busy with activities. Be practical in your exercise, and know its ok to not be able to do all you did before, you’re growing a human!! It takes so much energy from your body to create, support and keep this new life healthy and alive.

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Clothes have been a little difficult to adjust to with pregnancy because your waistline just disappears; my best friends have been maternity leggings with larger shirts, or maternity tanks. Make sure you find ones that are stretchy and flexible but that stay up. As the weather is getting cooler I have been wearing my Bionica Boots and tennys on the trails to keep my feet warm and comfy. I am new to this whole part of life, but any tips I pick up I will share along the way!
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