Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek

Where do you go when you need to recharge and re center? I know I always go to the mountains in that time of need, so when I had to opportunity to head up to Mountain Trek for a week I was ecstatic! Even the most balanced ones need a place to go when life is a little more chaotic than usual. I was intrigued by Mountain Treks program and how they not only take you out into nature but also show you the nutrition side of health and also the meditative side. If you know me you know I believe nature is not only a necessity to our lives but also food being a healing power.
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I headed up to Spokane not sure what to expect when I arrived, and to my surprise, it was everything I had imagined. The staff is welcoming and extremely friendly, the property is peaceful and beautiful, and the food was outstanding. With your stay, you receive 3 massages, access to the hot tub and work out room, even though I am pretty sure after you try this program you won’t be working out any extra during your stay!

You have hikes planned all days you are there, some shorter than others and some with more elevation than others. We started on some easier hikes just to get everyone comfortable with their method of Nordic Fitness trekking, not just hiking. Nordic Fitness trekking helps make hiking become a total body workout, engaging your core, and using your whole body to help you up the mountain. I had never used hiking poles before, and I was surprised to find they help a lot on any hike.

A day at Mountain Trek generally is like this: wake up 6 am, sunrise yoga at 6:30. Breakfast at 7:30am, followed by nutrition/sleep/stress management lecture. There is no caffeine or sugar at Mountain Trek, scary I know but I promise you’ll feel amazing still! If there is no lecture then you head out to your hike, they give you a morning snack, afternoon snack, and lunch. To help jump start your metabolism you are on a 1,200 or 1,400 calorie day. You spend time on your hikes for 3-4 hours and then head back to the lodge, where you can relax before dinner. After dinner, you have a 40 minute cardio class to bring your body into a fat flush mode. Everything at Mountain Trek has a reason behind it and it’s rewarding to learn about it all. While this is not realistic for everyday life, Mountain Trek Helps you plan how you’re going to take this program home with you and how to utilize it on a daily basis as a realistic lifestyle.
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During your hikes, you have different groups you hike with according to your own fitness level and how hard you want to push yourself. So even if you are not a huge hiker they work with you to find the right pace and balance of Nordic Fitness trekking. We were able to make it to a peak that had 360 views of lakes and a glacier, our last hike was to a beautiful mountain lake created by glacier melt run off. At the end of each day, I felt tired and slept incredibly well. After 6 days up at Mountain Trek I felt revived, my energy was up, and vitality high. I lost some weight, felt lighter and more toned by the end.

I especially loved that our entire group was like a family by the time the week ended, everyone had a great opportunity to bond with each other. This is an experience I will carry with me forever and hopefully have the opportunity to experience again, thanks so much Mountain Trek for showing me a beautiful week.

You can find Mountain Trek on Instagram and through their website, for more details and how to sign up!
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  1. Great job Jessica! It was wonderful to meet you and the week at Mountain Trek was awesome. Thanks to you and Joey for always encouraging me! Loved our hikes!

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