Share the Wild

Share the Wild

What inspires you to get outside? What would you say sharing the wild means to you?

I am often asked what brought me to get outside in the first place, well something a lot of people may not know about me is I struggle with anxiety. I am not just talking about a stressful day or anxiety about one thing but something that has been going on my whole life, and nature has a magical way of helping it. A lot of us aren’t open to sharing what we struggle with or what our downfalls are. But I am here to tell you no matter who you are, what your life has been like, we all have something that has been hard for us. When I started to see the benefits of going outside when I felt this way my world was opened to new places, new activities, and like minded people. I wanted to share that experience through Instagram, I wanted to show people how amazing this can be for all of us.

A year and a half ago I decided to start a hiking group, so I could personally show people the healing there is right outside our front door. My sister and I brainstormed and she helped come up with the name New Heights, I loved it! I hosted a meetup and wasn’t sure who was going to come, we had four of us to start, and everyone was so amazing. As the year has gone on we have grown each time we hike new people come along, I have made so many amazing friendships from this group, and for that, I am so thankful. We talk about life and struggles if we need to, or we laugh, or we just hike so hard we cant talk much at all! This is the best way I can share the wild, showing others how amazing it is to be a part of nature, how important it can be for our lives, and how much we need to stand together to protect these wild spaces.

I have partnered with WildHorn Outfitters to share this message as far as we can, we have made a short documentary video and created personalized t-shirts that express how being in the mountains is like going home. We have T-shirts available on their site and all proceeds will go to the hiking group to help us enjoy more activities outside! Thank you to each and every one of you who have been a part of New Heights, and we hope to keep seeing new faces!

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