Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!


Many people always ask me, why do you hike so much? What sparked your passion behind this? I always tell my story how it is, I have been through a lot in life so far, and when I was going through a hard time hiking freed me from my anxiety. I started on small trails and tried to just get outside to think. What I found was the mountains and nature sorted what I was thinking out, I always left feeling refreshed. As soon as I became more comfortable on the trails, I wanted to hike higher and see more places I always saw in pictures. And so I started to go, I would hike alone, I would hike with people, and I started playing with cameras. Before I knew it this was my hobby, hiking to beautiful sceneries, taking in the natural beauty and capturing it with a camera. The outdoors has helped me in so many ways, I hope I can give that same feeling back to you.

I wanted to start this blog to show you more details of my hiking and travels than what I can show on just Instagram. I will be showing hiking trails in my area and new trails as I travel along. I hope to help give info and prepare you in getting ready for day hiking, backpacking, or camping. I also try to keep it healthy on the trail so I’ll share some food tips. I work with various companies and gear to show you what I like best, Thanks so much for all the continuous support. Happy Trails!

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  1. LOVE your photos, AND your reasons for being in nature; you hike for the exact same reasons that I do. When I’m oit there doing what I love, my mind stays clear and positive. Only when I go back to the “real world” does stress start to affect me and “life” starts to get in the way of happiness. I’m heading out on a major trip to visit most of the National Parks starting here in Florida; would live to meet you somewhere along the way!

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